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Below is a selection of the best Books about coins and coin collecting.

The books can be purchased by clicking on the “Check Price and Buy It” link below the review. Purchase is in association with Amazon so you can be sure of secure online payment and fast delivery.

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ISBN 0862962455

ISBN 0873415337

This a must buy for a new collector to the field of Roman Coins. It gives an easy to read broad overview of the subject. It has detailed tables of the denominations, and has a table of Mint Marks which is useful. It has a small section on attributing Roman Coins and lists some of the common abbreviated titles. The potrait Gallery of the emperors is very good and detailed. The book has some excellent pictures of quality coins. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Overall, this is a cheap, useful book which deserves a place in any collectors library. 

ISBN 0747803250

In the space of little more than a hundred years, from the Roman conquest of Gaul in the mid first century BC to the defeat of Boudicca in AD61, Britain saw the final and arguably the most impressive phase in the development of Celtic coinage. The coins are not only beautiful and attractive in their own right, but also extraordinarily useful evidence in our attempts to understand Celtic society at this period. This book provides a general introduction to Celtic coinage in Britain. It analyses how and why the coins were made, describing the most significant types and many of the more obscure varieties, and explaining how the coins and the images they carry can reveal information on the political, economic and social life of the Celts. The book is fully illustrated with some of the best examples of Celtic coinage and provides details of museums where coins can be seen, as well as suggestions for more detailed reading.

ISBN 0307480089

ISBN 0764553895

No one needs coins, but if you decide to collect them, you certainly need this book. Coin collecting can sometimes be a confusing maze of choices sprinkled with little traps along the way. Sure, you can go it alone, but why not make your journey into numismatics a lot easier by picking the brain of an expert collector and learning from the mistakes of others.

ISBN 1902040562

Buy this and you have 2004's definitive information on English coinage.

ISBN 1902040597

This is a must have book for any self respecting coin collector.It is the definitive guide for the majority of British coin collectors and collectors of British coins worldwide. IT is laid out in an easy to read format which allows quick location of relevant information. I will be buying this book yearly !

ISBN 0948964790

The new 2006 "Collectors' Coins Great Britain" contains, like its predecessors, a complete list of British non gold coins (1797 - 2005) with their varieties listed, values in up to five states of preservation and yearly mintage numbers. For the first time, this edition also includes a wealth of information about the designers of each coin, as well as extra information on the sizes and weights of the coins. The whole book has also been given a stiffer cover with better quality pages and print.

ISBN 0948964464

I have about 30 low value base metal Roman coins, mostly bought in uncleaned lots from ebay and other websites, and I'm thrilled to say that they are now all atributed with the reference numbers from this book, and I also have some idea of value. I had no idea who many of the Emperors were at first, and as yet I haven't found one that this book doesn't cover.The line drawings are especially useful, as you can clearly read the letters and compare them to the coin you are trying to attribute. The lowest price Roman Coin Book that I know of, and worth every penny. A fully updated Price guide of over 630 base metal Roman coins dated 241 BC - 498 AD, with their market values, notes on changes in the coinage over the years and over 640 drawings to aid identification.

ISBN 0948964553

For the first time, the most commonly encountered silver Roman coins can be inexpensively identified and some idea of value can be gained. Whether you are setting out to form a collection of every emperor or are already an experienced Roman Coin collector, you will not be able to put this book down! The line drawings of most obverse types mean that the legend is clear and readable in the book, and it makes a great aid to identification, as does the alphabetical list of emperors/empresses in the back of the book. This book includes an identification guide for republican coins, instructions on cleaning Roman silver coins and a list of Roman mint town mintmarks. It also includes an alphabetical list of Emperors/Caesars/Empresses and information of Roman coin grading. The book is ordered chronologically, and with the introduction of different coin types clearly mentioned, together with some historical notes, it also gives an easy to follow explanation of the Roman base metal coinage and how it changed over 750 years.

ISBN 0752425234


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